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Registered as a Health Centre. NICA 54.250 Face-to-Face and Online Therapy

Individual Therapy Malaga

Psychology Clinic in Málaga

Psychological Interventions

In the psychological interventions, carried out in the psychology clinic of Inmaculada Rodríguez we rely on effective tools for individual therapy with children, adolescents, adults, including the use of the Mindfulness technique, as a strategy of control and management of stress, anxiety and depression, through tools and activities of relaxation and meditation, to bring benefits in the personal, professional and social areas. Individual Therapy Malaga.

Depending on the case to be treated, we use individual therapy in person or with the possibility to provide the service online, adjusting to your schedules and without the need for travel.

Psicóloga Inmaculada Rodríguez Ángel

Specialist in Therapies Malaga

Individual Therapy Malaga

During our professional career, we have intervened in different problems presented in patients of any age, since every person can have difficulties throughout their life, because of factors of various kinds that cause emotional stress, affecting your personal, family situation, relationships and work environment. Therefore, we rely on a cognitive behavioral approach, which provides us with effective psychological treatment, fast and endorsed by scientific studies, being a type of short therapy intervention.

Through adult therapy, we provide individualized psychological help for people who want to achieve a more fulfilling and healthy life, with the idea of improving their personal affective relationships, with children, family and even co-workers and friends.


Psicoterapia Individual Malaga

Clinical psychology

The therapeutic work that we offer in our psychology clinice Málaga, is aimed at people who intend to endure and live with difficult situations, both physical and psychic diseases, and who need tools to face different problems, being aware that we cannot eliminate the situations that occur, but if we can learn how to control our response to them, with the idea of accepting them naturally and being able to relate in the best possible way.

Our individual therapy is based on the Cognitive Behavioral model, for its scientific validity and its versatility to face a wide variety of problems and its adaptation in patients of all ages. With the help of a specialized professional you will have the capacity to reflect, treat and understand the problems that cause you a difficulty in the personal, family or social sphere.

If you have difficulties or feel discomfort, do not suffer for it, ask for help from mental health experts, rely on a psychological intervention performed by professionals with great experience in therapies with children, adolescents or adults, contact our clinic of psychology in Málaga, we are here to help you.

As specialists in clinical psychology, we take care of determining and analyzing external and internal factors that destabilize the personality and hinder their social relationships.

1st Psychological Session 60min – 30€ (face-to-face / online)


separations/divorces, partner problems, school failure, addictions, accidents, loss, job losses, problems at work…


anxiety, fears, distress, depression, psychosomatic disorders, insecurity, social problems and isolation among others.


• Anorexia

• Vigorexia

• Obesity

• Bulimia

• Binge eating


• Panic Attacks,Anxiety

• Irrational phobias and fears (Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, Tryanophobia, Zoophobia, Acrophophobia, Glosophobia, Hemophobia…)

• Social Phobia

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (TOC)


• Major Depression

• Dysthymia

• Postpartum Depression

• Bipolar Disorder


• Chronic Pain

• Headaches

• Hypertension

• Gastrointestinal Disorder

• Menstrual Disorder

• Fibromyalgia

• Hypochondria


• Smoking, alcoholism, pathological gambling

• Internet and New Technologies

• Work addiction


• Complicated lost

• Emergency situations and catastrophes, traumatic lost

• Assume Vital Changes (divorce, marriage, parenthood, retirement, menopause, incorporation into the world of work, change of work…)


• Communication Problems

• Excessive shyness

• Loneliness/isolation

• Conflicting paternal-filial relationships

• Sexual inhibition


• Work Stress

• Difficulties at work

• Mobbing

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