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Couple Therapy Malaga

Psychology Clinic in Málaga

Couple Therapy Malaga

Couples therapy is an intervention that is performed when a relationship goes through a difficult period, which affects the members of the relationship and its development. Some couples who live in this crisis situation need professional help to transform conflicts, lack of understanding or communication, including disparity in children’s education, etc. Couple Therapy Malaga.

Discussions, discomfort, routine, lack of sexual desire, emotional dependence, infidelities are the most common reasons why a couple decides to come to our psychology clinic in Málaga in order to save their relationship, or at least Try.

From our experience we have seen that there are many causes that can create these problems in the couple, so each psychological intervention is personalized to each situation and aimed to help both members of the couple.

Sometimes couples are aware that they need help to accept their differences and overcome conflicts, so they come to our couples therapy in Málaga as soon as the first problems begin, on the contrary, there are couples who do not do so until the situation reaches a higher level of deterioration.

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Specialist in Couples Therapy

Problemas Pareja Malaga

Improving Couple Communication

Short couple therapy is not intended to find someone to blame, but solutions. Our intervention in couples problems will help you to obtain the necessary tools to improve communication, use techniques and perform exercises for conflict resolution, fostering empathy, understanding and negotiating differences within the couple.

Generally the objective of going to our couple therapy expert Malaga, is with the intention of solving the problems of couple. On the other hand there are situations in which we do not seek an approach, so our intervention is oriented to soften a future ruptura, out of mutual and child-to-common respect.

With couples therapy we will help you break prejudices, topics and build a new opportunity for both, facing the different situations that generate conflict in coexistence:

1st adult individual psychological session 60 min – 40€ (face-to-face / online)

• Lack of communication

• Infidelities and lack of trust

• Disagreements in children’s education

• Sexual problems

• Problems with your partner´s familiy

• Support in Separations and Divorce

• Emotional dependence

• Shared custody, difficulties

• Difficult coexistence

• Monotony in the relationship, etc.

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Terapia Pareja Malaga

Couple Problems

If you consider that the harmony in your relationship and the future of it is in danger and you have not been able to find a solution for yourself, perhaps it is time to seek professional help.

The professionals of the psychology clinic in Málaga have a specific training in couples therapy, to offer from our clinical psychology centre a professional support for couples who request help for different reasons.

From the psychology clinic Immaculada Rodríguez we will offer a personalized and confidential intervention in those couples who have difficulties, either for lack of communication or problems in coexistence.

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